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01 Liberia Flag Day 02 Young Firewood Carriers 03 Girls with Fresh Fruit to Sell 04 Bush Toy Car
05 Children at St John Waterfall 06 Small Farm Hut close to Yuelliton 07 Small Farm Hut close to Yuelliton 08 Bike Taxi Operators in Ganta
09 Photodemanding Children at Rubber Tree Farm 10 Siblings 11 Young Girl with Mortar 12 Passing Time at Guinea Border
13 Family Selling Firecoal 14 Going Home from the Market eating Manago 15 Martha and Elisabet 15a young fisherman
15b proud fisherman 16 Back on Mt Nimba 17 Guarding the Old Mine 18 Ex Lamco Surveyor Peter Paye
19 Ex Lamco Laboratory Man Moses Graybrior 20 Two Elderly Ladies