index of Mines

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01 The Old Mine Profile of Today 02 Old Mine Access Road 03 The Old Mine as seen from Old Mine Road 04 The Old Mine as seen from Old Mine Road
05 Entry to Mt Gbahm Mining Area 06 Mining Area as seen from Mt Gbahm towards North 07 Pit of Main Ore Body 08 The Mine in 1965
09 Remains of Crusher Building 10 Final Pit 11 Pit Lake 12 Morning Fog
13 More Morning Fog 14 Shovel Remains 15 Mt Nimba Rainbows 16 Seca Valley
17 Railway Line Entering Tokadeh Loading Area 18 Tokadeh Central 19 Tokadeh Central 20 Tokadeh South
21 Tokadeh Central 22 Log Bridge Access to new Drillsites 23 A new Drillsite at Tokadh North 24 Core Splitting at Tokadeh Workshop
25 Parked Trucks at Tokadeh Workshop 26 Survey Crew at Tokadeh Central 27 Tokadeh Termite Stack 28 Profile of Beeton Gangra and Yuelliton
29 Washed Away Culvert along Road to Yuelliton 30 Nature Reclamation of Access Road to Yuelliton 31 Gangra Yuelliton Basecamp 32 Remains of Drillrig at Yuelliton Basecamp
33 Mt Yuelliton as seen from Gangra 34 Harmattan Sunset over Mt Yuelliton in January