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01 The War is Over 02 Rolling Merchandise in Paynesville 03 Market in Paynesville outside Monrovia 04 Violence in Liberia
05 A Rainy Market Day in Paynesville 06 Another Market Day along the Road to Nimba 07 Used Tire Sale 08 One of several UN Checkpoints
09 Bong County Border Farewell 10 Welcome to Nimba County 11 Escargout de Jour 12 Gbarnga
13 Fighting Corruption 14 Firecoal Prodction Bound for Monrovia 15 Charcoal Bags Awaiting Transport 16 Coco Nest at Former Pres Tubman Zoo
17 Entering Ganta 18 Ganta Main Street 19 Going Gun Free 20 Ganta Foreign Exchange
21 Ever present Communication Tower along Ganta Yekepa Main Road 22 Sign Outside Camp 4 23 By the Road Gas Filling Station 24 Roadside Fruitstand
25 Rubber Plantation in Nimba County 26 St John River Waterfall near Ganta 27 Not All Go For It 28 Rain Storm on the Road to Nimba
29 Another Sunset