Flute links: Modern, Irish and Early flutes.

Stephen Schultz was my first traverso teacher, when I was studying at San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

Folkers & Powell Flutes makes fine instruments. Ardal Powell has also provided us with a fine, informative website, including a database of flute teachers, which I'm sure will come in handy for many.

My friend Daniel Deitch, Flutemaker & Baroque Woodwinds, has some nice flutes going, besides being an excellent musical instruments repairman.

Simon Polak, Dutch maker of Baroque flutes.

Scott Smith's list of Baroque Flute Makers. Pretty complete, too.

Chris Wilkes, flutemaker. (Simple-system flutes) Beautiful photos!

Terry McGee - Flutemaker. Excellent site with lots of good information and pictures. I tried his flutes recently (2002) when he visited San Francisco. Very nice!

Henrik Norbeck, another Swede who plays Irish music on flute. He has now posted online his dissertation on the flute in Swedish folk music. Good reading, in Swedish, with English summary.

Here is an excellent Wooden Flute Guide by Brad Hurley: lots of good info if you are thinking about learning to play Irish traditional music on flute.

Mark Hoza's 'Kything Flutes' look like fun to play. "Irish style" flutes in native Australian hardwoods.

Jan Hermans Historical Woodwinds.

Oh, and *do* check out BOMB.

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